Kristen Mielke

     Welcome to my Education Portfolio!    7255436044

As you browse through the pages, you will find
everything that I have completed and compiled over the last four years at Bethany Lutheran College. More specifically, you will see how all of my work during the last four years has addressed the required state standards to acquire my teaching license.


Kristen Multimedia-Introduction




Dr. Polly Browne – Professor of Education at Bethany Lutheran College, Mankato, MN                       Email:                                                                                                                      Letter of Recommendation 

John Olmanson – Head Volleyball Coach at Bethany Lutheran College, Mankato, MN                         Email:

Mrs. Anna Skidmore – 5th Grade Teacher at Morristown Elementary School                                       Email:                                                                                                    Letter of Recommendation 

Contact Information:

Phone number: 320-314-2398                                                                                                           E-mail Address:                                                                                                  Address: 8054 Co. Rd. 32 New Germany, MN 55367



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