Nusbaum, Daniel

Title Page

This is my Education Portfolio, displaying my work and accomplishments throughout my training at Bethany Lutheran College as I complete my major in Broad Field Social Studies with Secondary Licensure (5-12). My Portfolio indicates that I have completed the following required courses necessary for Licensure, as well as the requirements for each class:

EDUC 200 Foundations/Philosophy

EDUC 210 Linguistics

EDUC 310 Child Psychology

EDUC 370 Exceptional Learner

EDUC 390 Teaching Reading and Writing

EDUC 400 Teaching the Christian Faith

EDUC 401 Educational Technology and Media

EDUC 450 Curriculum Planning and Assessment

EDUC 455 Classroom Management

EDUC 495 Student Teaching

EDUC 497 Student Teaching II

EDUC PTF Education and Professional Portfolio

EDUC TPA Education Teacher Performance Assessment

Intro Presentation About Me


Personal Information
Phone Number: (608)-778-9129
Address: 6373 Red Dog Road, Potosi, WI. 53820.
700 Luther Drive, Mankato, MN. 56001.

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