Standard 3: Diverse Learners (Nusbaum)

The teacher candidate understands how students differ in their approaches to learning and creates instructional opportunities that are adapted to students with diverse backgrounds and exceptionalities.

IEP Analysis EDUC 370 -This describes the IEP meeting that I attended at Mankato East High School. Here, I learned how the student’s progress had developed in the Special Ed program and the accommodations they made for them.

Case Study for Reading EDUC 370 -This Case Study covers my evaluation of Price MacPherson and his reading abilities, using the test guides, DIBELS and Analytical Reading Inventory (ARI).

EDUC 310 Human Relations Report -This Report explains my experience with various ethnic groups in the classroom, giving me an idea of their cultural background and their progress in an ELL program.

Multimedia Presentation EDUC 401 -This presentation shows my acquaintance with a few Educational Technology programs to assist in student learning for teachers to use.

EDUC 370 Human Relations Report -This report is a written reflection describing activities and objectives that I participated in when working with students in the Special Ed program and the effect that they had on my behavior with respect to human relations knowledge and/or skills.

EDUC 443 Unit Plan -This Unit Plan is compromised of original lesson plans made by myself, including different lesson plan strategies such as Learning Stations, WebQuest, Differentiated, Flipped, and traditional lecture as well as a test.

EDUC 390 Integrated Unit Plan -This Unit Plan serves as an example of an Integrated Unit Plan, with all lesson plans made by myself, with an emphasis on reading and literacy standards in Social Studies.

Seminar Paper HIST 403 -This is my Seminar Paper for Native American History (HIST 403). This paper explains my experience with this class and understanding of Native American history and culture.

Learning Styles HIST 403 -This is my Learning Styles Paper that wrote for Native American History (HIST 403).

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