Standard 5: Learning Environment (Nusbaum)

Preservice teachers must be able to use an understanding of individual and group motivation and behavior to create learning environments that encourage positive social interactions, active engagements in learning, and self motivation.

Philosophy of Management Paper -This will be completed at the end of the Semester.

Research Paper from EDUC 455 -This is my Paper on a Research Management System. I decided to write my paper on a Point System Approach.

Classroom Expectations and Rules from EDUC 455 -These are my classroom expectations and rules that I expect to be followed in my class.

World War I Pre-Test -This is my World War I Pre-Assessment that I gave to my student during my student teaching experience. I gave it to them in order to examine their pre-knowledge of World War I before starting the unit.

World War I Graphic Organizer -This is a worksheet from my World War I unit. The purpose of the Worksheet was to help my students compare and contrast the leaders’ goals for peace following the Great War.

World War II Review Worksheet -This was a worksheet that I had created for my student during our World War II unit. It was a reading guide worksheet to go along with a section in the text book.

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