Standard 6: Communication (Nusbaum)

The pre-service teacher must be able to use knowledge of effective verbal, nonverbal, and media communication techniques to foster active inquiry, collaboration, and supportive interaction in the classroom.

EDUC 390 Annotated Bibliography -This bibliography is a selection of books that I chose that could be used as texts in lessons to support learning. They range from grades 3-12. They are for the content area of Social Studies, focusing on Government, Economics, History, and Geography.

Lesson Plan With Critical Thinking Focus:EDUC 443 Cooperative Lesson: -This is an original lesson plan that I constructed myself. It has the students read and focus on key passages in the Declaration of Independence, focusing on the purpose, ideas about rights, ideas about government, and complaints against the king.

Lesson WS with Questioning Strategies -This worksheet consist of multiple questions that serve as different examples of different types of questions; such as description, explanation, expansion, or evaluative.

Teaching Video -This video serves as a teaching lesson where I demonstrate teaching connected to the standard. This lesson is a differentiated lesson, focusing on the intro to worldly religions.

Teacher Website/App:Evernote -This PowerPoint is for a presentation to show parents and other faculty members what the app Evernote is and how it will be used by the teacher and students in the classroom.

EDUC 390 Vocabulary Lesson Plan -This is an original lesson plan created by me, focusing on vocabulary words that deal with ancient civilizations. There is a worksheet that the students must fill out throughout the lesson.

Vocabulary Assignment WS

WebQuest Lesson with Technology Component -This WebQuest lesson takes students to different sources to gather information on the most famous founding fathers in American History.


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