Standard 4: Instructional Strategies (Nusbaum)

The teacher candidate will understand and use a variety of instructional strategies to encourage student development of critical thinking, problem solving, and performance skills.

EDUC 390 RAFT Outline -This is a basic RAFT outline that I created to go along with a reading on the Titanic. It asks students to identify roles, audience, format, and topic throughout the reading.

EDUC 390 Concept Map
Concept Map -This is a Concept Map that I constructed that maps out what students need to be able to perform and learn in understanding content texts.

EDUC 200: Norway Educational System -This PowerPoint presentation describes the Norway Educational System while also comparing it to the United States educational system, especially focusing on Minnesota State Standards.

EDUC 443: Flipped Lesson (Micro-Teaching) -This is an original Flipped Lesson plan created by me. It serves as an alternate form of teaching, rather than traditional.

EDUC 310: Book Report -This book report summarizes the main theme, ideas, and arguments in Dr. David Walsh’s book “Why Do They Act That Way?” It is a book that focuses on the cognitive development of teens as they begin to mature through the various stages of puberty.

EDUC 443: Differentiated Lesson Plan -This is an original lesson plan created by myself that serves as an example of a differentiated lesson, using a jig-saw approach. The lesson serves as an intro to worldly religions, asking students to complete an worksheet with the basic information of each religion.

Differentiated Lesson Plan WS

Textbook Blocking Schedule -This is an original blocking schedule that I created for a textbook that is the prime material source for learning in the classroom.

World War II Block Planning Schedule -This is an actual block plan that I created and used for my World War II unit when I did my student teaching at St. Clair.

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