Standard 1: Subject Matter (Nusbaum)

The teacher candidate must understand the central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structures of the disciplines taught and be able to create learning experiences that make these aspects of the subject matter meaningful for students.

Philosophy Paper-This is my Philosophy Paper of Education written in EDUC 450, explaining my classroom and teaching philosophy that will guide me throughout my career as a teacher.

EDUC 443 Philosophy of Social Studies Education Paper -This is my Philosophy of Social Studies Education, explaining my teaching philosophy approach in my content area.

Philosophy Chart -This chart displays the characteristics of multiple education philosophies, such as Essentialism, Perennialism, Progressivism and Reconstructionism. The chart highlights certain characteristics of each type of philosophy, shaping my own classroom management and teaching philosophy.

Senior Broad Field Social Studies BA Thesis -This is my Senior BA Thesis for my Broad Field Social Studies Major, displaying my final project for my content area.

British History Final Paper -This is my final paper for my British History class. I was very confident with this paper. I decided to write about the British relations with the Native Americans in the New World.

U.S. History Interview Project Paper -This is a paper I wrote during my Freshman year of college. The assignment was to interview a person who grew up in the 1960s and ask them questions regarding life back then to now and to describe the changes that have taken place throughout the decades. I decided to interview the man who inspired me to be a history teacher, my grandfather’s best friend, Tom Shenko.

Philosophy of Classroom Management -This is my philosophy of classroom management that I completed in EDUC 455. It describes how I will apply my management philosophy for my future classrooms.

Education Brochure – This is my Philosophy of Education Brochure, which gives a glimpse as to what my students can expect in my class lessons.

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