Standard Two: Student Learning (Anderson)

The teacher candidate understands how students learn and develop and must provide learning opportunities that support a student’s intellectual, social, and personal development.

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Milestones Website

This website was put together by students in EDUC310 Educational Psychology and Human Relations. I specifically worked on 9th -10th graders. The page focuses on physical growth, cognitive development, personal development, and social development. I gave information on each section and I provided a video for one section as well. This is a resource that can be used for all ages and will be helpful throughout my teaching career.

EdTPA Reflection

This is my EDTPA reflection that I have completed. I put together pieces of my EDTPA to create this reflection.

Tutoring logs/journals

My logs and journals that I have attached are from my clinical experiences. They show what I observed or helped with during my time in classrooms. The journal that I linked is from my clinical that I did for EDUC/ENGL 444 which was a minimum of 50 hours.


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