Standard Eight: Assessment (Anderson)

Assessment:  The teacher candidate must understand and be able to use formal and informal assessment strategies to evaluate and ensure the continuous intellectual, social, and physical development of the student.

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EDUC 450 Philosophy Paper 

This is my philosophy of education that I have developed throughout my time in the Bethany Education program.

EDUC 450: Alternative assessment

This is an alternative assessment worksheet I did showing how there are alternative ways of demonstrating a student’s knowledge that is not just taking a test on the material.

EDUC 450 Rubric 

This is a rubric I created to go along with the alternative assessment. It specifies three levels of work that get handed in and gives the students an idea of how they will be graded.

EDUC 401: Rubric 

This rubric was made to give students an idea of how their claim statements will be graded and if their claims fit the guidelines of a claim.

Clinical RADS 

This is a RADS report I did for one of my clinical. I attached the pre and post data report sheet to show the growth in the student’s understanding.

Student Teaching RADS

This is my EDTPA Assessment commentary that includes a RAD like report. The data shows the pre-assessment results and then the post-assessment results. You can see by the charts that there was major growth between the pre-assessment and post-assessment.

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