Standard Ten: Collaboration, Ethics, and Relationships (Anderson)

Collaboration, Ethics, and Relationships: The pre-service teacher must be able to communicate and interact with parents or guardians, families, school colleagues, and the community to support students’ learning and well-being.

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EDUC 200: Ethics Paper 

This paper talks about the ethics that come with being an educator and the responsibilities of the educator. As an educator, this paper is really important to me because it highlights areas that are important for all educators to know.

Legal Influences Paper 

Journal 8 talks about the legal influences and ethical issues that arise as an educator.

Letter of Introduction to Parents

This is an introduction letter for parents. I can use this and modify it for my future classroom.

EDUC 200: MN Code and Philosophy Journals 12 & 13 

This is my clinical logs from EDUC 200.

Context Report  

This is a context report that I completed based on my student teaching. In this report, I talk about the community and environment of the town and the school.

Collaboration Log 

This is a log that I have completed for my student teaching that shows I was a part of other activities at the school.

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