Standard Seven: Planning Instruction (Anderson)

Planning Instruction:  A pre-service teacher must be able to plan and manage instruction based upon knowledge of subject matter, students, the community, and curriculum goals.

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Collaborative unit plan:

This is a unit plan that I created for the novel Things Fall Apart. This unit plan has several aspects of collaborative learning within the unit.

Textbook Blocking Plan:  

This is a textbook blocking plan for 7th grade English that I created based on a 7th-grade curriculum. This Block plan goes through an entire school year.

Interactive Board: 

In this lesson, the students get to use Pear Deck which lets them interact with the slides. They can write and draw on the slides. They also can drag responses to different areas of the board.

 Variety of Materials: 

This is a lesson I did for my EDTPA that involves a station activity that the students completed. Each station had different materials and the students could choose which stations they wanted to complete.

 Cooperative Learning:

This is a lesson that I created for a unit for the novel Night. The students get into groups to help them learn at the appropriate level of readiness.

Inquiry and Discovery: 

This is a Webquest that I created for my Night Unit. This Webquest takes students to several different websites and even a virtual tour!

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