Standard Five: Learning Environment (Anderson)

Learning Environment: Preservice teachers must be able to use an understanding of individual and group motivation and behavior to create learning environments that encourage positive social interactions, active engagements in learning, and self-motivation.

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EDUC 455 Welcome Bulletin Board

This is a bulletin board that I created as welcome back to school bulletin board for a classroom.

EDUC 401/455 Ideal Classroom Prezi

This is a Prezi that showcases what I would want in an ideal classroom if I could pick everything from start to finish.

EDUC 455 Motivational Poster 

This is the poster I made for my classroom to help motivate or inspire students to keep going and push through a rough day.

EDUC 455 Classroom  Rules and Courtesies from 

These are posters that I made of the Rules and Courtesies that I could hang up in my classroom. They allow students to be able to see and know what is expected of them.

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